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Write An Amazing Song Everyday – Your 3 Step System

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Make progress with your songwriting using a system for great work. You’ll wake up one day and see your music reached a tipping point.

Songwriting News For June 21, 2011

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Matt Nathanson has a new album out, and speaks briefly with American Songwriter Magazine about his songwriting workflow: Most of the time, melodies and chords come first- then the words. and the words are usually a combination of a few key ones I have in notebooks (I try to write everyday) and ones I make […]

Review: Songwriting Reality Show, Platinum Hit on Bravo

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There are few things I dislike more than reality shows. So, as a writer and owner of a songwriting blog I was torn about the whole idea of a songwriting reality show. The first episode began with an introduction of the hosts, Jewel and Kara DiGuardia, and immediately pushed into the first challenge – coming […]

Songwriting Tips from Ben Gibbard, Bill Withers, Prince, and more

By • Jun 13th, 2011 • Category: Songwriting Tips

Here is a compilation of some nice songwriting tip snippets from a variety of songwriters, with accompanying links to their full articles. Check it: Ben Gibbard, Death Cab For Cutie “Writing is such a solitary act. You spend hours alone, only with your thoughts, and you torture yourself. It’s a tendency of many writers to […]

Songwriting News for June 2011

By • Jun 9th, 2011 • Category: Songwriting News

“An ultimate little songwriting machine’ is what Vedder calls ukelele I don’t think I thought in those terms at all. I was just struck by how quickly I was able to establish a relationship with this little instrument. I see it as just kind of an ultimate little songwriting machine. Melodies are produced in a […]