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Six Things To Do When Your Song Is Finished

Contributed by: Cliff Goldmacher ( Introduction Knowing when a song is finished is an entire article in and of itself so I’m going to predicate these comments on the understanding that your song is, indeed, done. While having a finished song is its own victory, there’s more work to do if you’re hoping to keep […]


3 Reasons to be Thankful You’re A Songwriter»

Written by: Cliff Goldmacher ( I thought I would take a moment to tell you (and myself while I’m at it) a few of the things we have to be thankful for as songwriters. Songwriting is the kind of pursuit that often takes place in a vacuum with little or no encouragement and is, by […]

4 Reasons It Pays For Songwriters To Be Patient»

I can safely say that nothing ever moved as quickly as I thought it would and, yet, I’m constantly surprised at the ways that my long-forgotten efforts have come around to generate royalty income.

Are You Making Your Songwriting Too Easy or Too Hard?»

Although this is often true of beginners, it happens at all levels of ability and experience. It happens to everyone to some degree or another.

Three Good Reasons To Love Your Songs»

Written by: Cliff Goldmacher ( The Right Kind of Love In order to suffer the slings and arrows which are an inevitable part of trying to generate income from your songs, it’s a good idea to love them first. I’m talking about a very specific kind of love here. What I’m not talking about is […]

How to Engage Your Listeners with Your Song’s Opening Lines»

The first few lines of your song may determine whether your listener sticks around for more, or bails out. While you want your whole song to be engaging, you really want to draw them in with an interesting opening. Techniques like the use of metaphor, and engaging the listener’s senses will greatly help in bringing […]

Four Things You Can Do To Improve Your Odds in Film/TV Placements»

Contributed by: Cliff Goldmacher ( Having had the good fortune of song placements in both films and television shows, I can safely say there is no magic bullet when it comes to how to make this happen. That being said, there are certainly things that you, as a songwriter, can do to improve your odds. […]

Five Things Songwriters Can Do To Move Their Careers Forward»

Contributed by: Cliff Goldmacher ( As a new songwriter, you may be overwhelmed by all there is to do when it comes to moving forward in your career. I’d compare the approach of this article to eating the elephant one tiny bite at a time. In other words, by being patient, organized and methodical in your daily work […]

What It’s Really Like Being a Songwriter in the Music Industry»

This article was contributed by David Taylor II. You can visit his site at: As bona fide artists, in as much as crafting a good song is just as much of an art as performing said song, we as writers unfortunately do tend to fall prey to thinking a few highly erroneous things. Highly […]

Viral Marketing – What’s Really “Real” About It?»

There has NEVER been a better time to spread the word about yourself and music. The internet, with its downloadable digital music files, social networking sites and countless other advances that we can’t even begin to imagine yet, has leveled the playing field in a way that will make the “work” you have to do infinitely more effective.