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Blogging is a great way to reach people on the internet and provide valuable content for them to follow. Keeping your audience engaged is important if you want to get more followers on you blog. I would pick a subject that you are interested in and have good knowledge of.

They are also many sites on the web that offer valuable content to help you get started if you lack technical skills. Youtube has a wealth of information on just about any subject that you may be interested in. I personally go to Youtube if I want to see how to fix a problem. The other day my weed eater broke so I searched Youtube how to fix it. I found a Youtube video tutorial on how to fix my weed eater – Youtube is awesome.

Google loves blogs that offer good content. By providing good educational content, your blog will improve in rankings for Seo (Search Engine Optimization). Social media is another way to get traffic to your blog. To be successful focus on content marketing and keeping your audience engaged.

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